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Working as a Life & Business Coach In Dorset

At the time of writing this I recently started working as a Life & Business Coach in Dorset.


One thing I have quickly learnt having transitioned from therapy to Life and Business Coaching, is that a lot of people (including my old self) don’t know what Coaching actually is!


I’ve realised that’s not helpful when trying to tell people what I do!


So I thought I would break it down a bit, and also explain my approach to Life and Business Coaching.



What is Life Coaching?


There is Life Coaching, and there is Life Coaching. I saw an advert the other day that offered to train you as a Life Coach in Dorset for £7. Yes seven quid!


No wonder some people lack faith in the profession!


Imagine seeing that and realising you could train as a Life Coach for £7! You would think that anyone that calls themselves a Life Coach would lack a skillset.


But some Life Coaches train for years. You can pay £7. Or you can pay £12,000.


Some Life Coaches focus on just motivating you to reach your goals. Other Life Coaches have a much deeper understanding of what the make-up of a human being entails.


Myself, I generally call myself a Mindset and Performance Coach. I pretty much just work with a person’s outlook and help them widen their perspective to bring about positive change.


Although I offer Life and Business Coaching online in the UK, and to anyone in the World, I am based in Wimborne, Dorset, and also cover Poole and Bournemouth face to face.



How Does Coaching Work?


I offer a free session to start with. This genuinely is a free coaching session. (As in, it is not a sales call). I actually really want to help you in that session and genuinely make a positive difference in your life.


In this session I use my skill set to understand where you are, and see where you want to go. I might ask you some questions like,


What’s missing in your life? And what keeps it out?


I might see what you’ve already tried, and offer you something different.


I will understand you and where you are on your journey to solving your ‘problem(s)’.


And if at the end of the session you bring up a conversation about continuing our work together, I will tell you how that works.


But you bring it up. And notice how I say ‘continue’ our work together, not ‘start’. I hope to make a positive difference in just that one session.


And if I think one more coaching session will really help you, I offer you another free one. I’ve done that before and it’s something I like to do.



What can Life or Business Coaching do for me?


You could read a lot of self-help books, or attend some training that would give you a whole bunch of information. But information is rarely put into practical application, or transformed into wisdom.


That’s where I come in.


You are unique. Those self-development books and models are not tailored to you.


You could spend hours, days weeks, or even years of your life trying to find something that works for you.


Or you could hire me as a Life Coach and save yourself some time and energy, and I can help accelerate you to the life you want.


As an experienced Life and Business Coach in Dorset, I know how to help you.


I’ve already spent the time figuring it all out.


From my two plus decades of studying human improvement through deep diving into psychology, psychotherapy, mindfulness, Buddhism, NLP, Mindset Coaching, and lots more.




So, if you would like to have some Life or Business Coaching in Dorset, or online Coaching anywhere else in the World, I’m here.


I’ve started the conversation, if you would like to continue it, reach out and let me know.

Chris Finn, Coach

Watch this video about Chris Finn Life Coaching in Dorset