When you transform your mindset, you transform your World.

Next FREE event: 26th July 19:30 – 20:15

Both our wellbeing, and our performance in life correlates directly with how we see the World.

In other words, we’re not reacting to life, we’re reacting to how we see life.

When we look at our life, ourselves, and other’s we see them through the lenses we’ve accumulated through our life.

Every. Thing. Is mindset.

These workshops are all about demystifying mindset and showing you how you can have access to wellbeing, vitality, joy, power, freedom and love with transforming your mindset.

Our mindset shapes how we approach everything in life, our attitude towards events and people, and our relationship with ourself.

These workshops help you transform stress to ease. Procrastination to action. Struggle to peace. Conflict to love. Poor wellbeing to joy and vitality. And inauthenticity to genuine self-expression.

If you sometimes feel stuck, or know you get in your own way, it’s your mindset that needs the attention.

If you want more for yourself, or your life, come and join us on Zoom and check out this transformational work of mindset.

Running on the second and final Wednesday of each month on Zoom 19:30 – 20:15. Register below to get your Zoom link.

This free workshop is delivered by Chris Finn, Performance & Mindset Coach. Chris has a Masters degree in Psychology and worked as a Senior Lecturer in Psychology for 3 years teaching both CBT and Mindfulness. He’s completed thousands of hours of professional training with some of the leading coaches in his industry, and has coached over 5,000 individuals throughout his career. Prior to this, Chris worked as an Assistant Vice President in the corporate world.

Please note, these sessions are not recorded and are interactive.

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