One to One Life Coaching opportunities with Chris Finn

If you want someone to help you overcome a challenge, or turn a dream into a reality, I can help.

When it comes to wellbeing and performance, I’m fully committed to providing you with a life changing coaching experience.

There are 2 ways of working with me…



Do you want to have a personal and deep tweak in how you operate? 


The Transformative Conversation 

You might not want an ongoing coach. But you might want to have a conversation that’s designed to bring about a transformation in how you see and act in the world. I’ve been having these kinds of deep, yet lighthearted conversations for a few years now and I’ve found that these 3 hour sessions are surprisingly effective at helping you have less of what you don’t want, and more of what you do want in your life.


Who’s this for?

If you feel stuck, anxious, or struggle with a particular area of life and want to find a way to break free. Three words that people most commonly use after these half-day coaching immersions are clarity, freedom and power.





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Do you want to hire an expert in psychology and an impactful coach?


The ‘Catalyst’ Package

3 months of creating who you want to be, and shedding the old parts of yourself that you no longer want or need.

This partnership begins with a two-hour coaching immersion to really get deep into understanding yourself and how your mind really works. We then follow-on with 8 scheduled sessions where we usually speak 3 times a month for around an hour.

You get WhatsApp support in between sessions, as well as short 10-15 minute coaching calls if you need it.

I’ll be your ally, your guide, your coach, your mentor and your teacher for the duration of this partnership.


Who’s this for?

If you’re open-minded, ready to truly understand yourself, and thirsty for growth to live an empowered life then this investment is for you.



3 months £1,550


Learn more by booking a call




Not sure which option fits you the best?

Book a free no obligation call with me to explore. If we both think we’re a good fit, we’ll find what works for you.




Why Chris Finn?

I make the complex simple and I see through the lies you tell yourself. I help people feel more comfortable in their own skin and be at ease in their lives, setting them free from what’s holding them back. This in turn creates life enhancing changes.

People trust me because my style is gentle and supportive, yet challenging. I bring a sense of hope and perspective even in the toughest times.

I love learning, and I love to help people break free from their self-imposed limitations and find more peace, freedom and vitality in life.

If you’re someone who is drawn to personal growth and being the best version of yourself, I’m known as a coach, I’m known as a guide, a teacher, and a leader to those that know deep down they have more to gain from life. I help them be inspired, energised and find unshakable wellbeing and performance.

My coaching is based on my vast breadth of my psychology training (I worked as a senior lecture on a university programme), my own recovery from depression, anxiety and PTSD, and my time as a Senior Leader in the Corporate world. I’ve worked with somewhere over 5000 individuals and I love working with people who want to grow.

I’m skilled in getting to the root of the problem and getting you inspired, releasing your own clarity, confidence, creativity and wellbeing.

If you are ready to let go of the limitations that are holding you back, then we should at least have a free no obligation conversation.


Book a free call now.

Chris Finn, Coach